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Meet Sunset, modern transport services!

Sunset Tours is a company with a long history of Travel and Human Resource transportation since the mid-1970s. Our fleet consists of high quality coaches for Greece and abroad with a capacity of 10 to 56 seats.

Our experience in tourism development represents a successful and active presence in the field of customer transportation, making us a reliable choice for any transportation requirements. The company consists of experienced staff suitably trained to handle transportation with quality, safety and perfection.

All of our vehicles consist of modern models such as SETRA, MERCEDES and NEOPLAN, equipped with air conditioning, DVD player, TV, microphone and Wi-Fi, as well as comfortable seating, large panoramic windows and fridge. Our offices are in constant contact with employees and customers, offering 24-hour service.


Our travel department is able to provide you with advice so that your movement can be well documented.
With experienced people and professional drivers, Sunset Tours can, through its knowledge, properly route your holiday travel.
Even if you are looking for a move that is tailored to your needs, you can easily call our services.

The handling team can instantly adjust holidays based on your own needs with the full support of the Group’s organizer including personal advice and assistance for roads, routes, personal prints, etc.

Integrated set of travel services:

– Recording of route services
– Reservations etc
– Escort and help
– Multilingual tour guides and escorts.
– City Tours (Cruises).
– Transfer
– Diet Planning
– Entertainment
– Transfer of Conferences
– Destination Information & Printed Material

If you want a complete service for your Group holidays, Conferences etc., please contact us 

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